Happy 70th Chuck Norris!!!

So former action movie star and former TV star, Chuck Norris, just turned 70. I didn’t even realize he was that old. Does anybody out there have a recent pic of him? I can never find one online.  I’ve never seen a recent pic, I don’t think anybody has. He’s probably this good of avoiding the media taking pics of him if he’s scared of showing the world what he looks like at 70. He probaby has white hair now.

I grew up watching Chuck’s action movies. Some of my favorites: The Missing in Action trilogy, Firewalker, Forced Vengeance, Sidekicks, The Octagon, and sometimes I would watch his show, “Walker, Texas Ranger”.

Chuck seemed to have vanished from Hollywood and TV pretty quitely. Wonder what’s up? Did he retire for good? He even stopped doing those “Total Gym” fitness commercials as well. I don’t see him making a comeback to acting anytime soon. Like him or not, he is a very talented man, a good actor and a great athlete. I know he’s an easy target and people make fun of him, but you can not deny his greatness of what he does.

If Chuck got into a real fight with Jean Claude Van Damme or Sylvester Stallone, Chuck would probably beat both of their asses easily.


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