Rod Blagojevich from impeached governor to being fired on Celebrity Apprentice…

Yes, I have been watching this year’s “Celebrity Apprentice” every Sunday. Surprisingly, this year is a very good season. I am liking the show. It was no surprise to me that Rod Blagojevich wasn’t going to last long. Why did he get fired? Simply for being a douche like he always has been. He must love his 15 minutes of fame just for selling Barack Obama’s Senate seat. The reason I think Rod agreed to do “Celebrity Apprentice” was so that he could show the world that he isn’t a bad guy that people are making him out to be. Well Rod is still acting like an asshole, even on TV.

I don’t see the end of Rod Blagojevich being on TV anytime soon. He is now officially a TV celebrity star. Congrats Barack, look who you just made famous?

What’s next for Rod? Will Rod appear on “The Marriage Ref”? Maybe Rod will come out with his own TV reality show? Maybe even host a late night talk show about politics? Rod on “Dancing with the Stars” for next year? Any of these are possible.

This guy would make a good celebrity badguy, with the likes of Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan. I know the WWE will even try to get Rod to host an episode of Monday Night RAW in the future as well.



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