Thought: Shouldn’t Tom Morello be thanked for the Soundgarden reunion?

Ever since the shocking announcement of the official Soundgarden reunion by Chris Cornell, I couldn’t believe, Tom Morello was ignored for this. Shouldn’t people be thanking him for the Soundgarden reunion? Remember, it was Tom Morello that made the Soundgarden reunion happen. Tom brought the Soundgarden guys out to the Crocodile Cafe with Tad fronting. That got Chris Cornell into wanting to rejoin Soundgarden again and it happened. It actually fucking happened.

Some people may not like the band Audioslave, but they should be respected. Audioslave was responsible for bringing RATM and Soundgarden back to the music industry. Think about it. If it wasn’t for Tom Morello and Audioslave, then the reunions of RATM and Soundgarden would have never happened. If it wasn’t for Tom, Soundgarden would still be denying reunion rumours to this day.

Now that Soundgarden is finally back and headlining Lollapalooza, Tom should be a musical hero for this. I’m pretty sure Tom is all cool with not being with Audioslave anymore and Soundgarden being back instead ’cause Tom is a huge Soundgarden fan himself. He wanted that Soundgarden reunion to happen himself and he made it happen. Tom did it for us.

Tom deserves all the support from everyone for this, so at least give him some respect that he deserves even if you’re not into RATM or Audioslave. Thank YOU TOM!!!! 🙂


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