Thought: Erin Harkes on her way to the big time???

Erin Harkes is getting so much feedback on her Jimmy Fallon performance. Not just locally, she’s getting feedback everywhere. If this keeps the buzz going then maybe Erin can be a regular performer on Jimmy Fallon with the Fallon Angels or she could perform on Jimmy Fallon as a solo acoustic act. The members of the Fallon Angels looked good together and sounded good. Good chemistry with all members. They were actually pretty tight too. Don’t know if the Fallon Angels will become an actual band but it would be cool if it actually happened. I’ve been seeing the talent in Erin for years. I shared the stage with her once at Valentine’s in Albany. Either the Fallon Angels could get a record deal or maybe Erin herself can get signed as a solo artist. I’m pretty sure she would rather play her own original music on Jimmy Fallon sometime but who knows, maybe she will get on the show again. Jimmy knows who she is now. This is a lifelong thing to remember for the rest of her life. I feel that bigger things will happen to her after this. Maybe even a major label recording contract?

I was very surprised to see her on TV myself and couldn’t believe it was actually her. We need more Albany musicians doing stuff like this. This is HOW you go forward in your career, and get to that “next level’. 🙂


Edit to add: You see, this is why I’m a huge fan of Jimmy Fallon’s show. He likes audience participation! Do you think Jay Leno, David Letterman or Conan O’ Brien would do something like this for local musicians? HELL NO!!!! This is why Jimmy is the man. He’s a music lover like the rest of us.

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