Report: Joni Mitchell thinks Bob Dylan is a fake…

Joni Mitchell, legendary folk singer, had a new interview with the L.A. Times. She spoke her thoughts on Bob Dylan. She claims that Bob Dylan is a fake. She thinks his music ripped off other artists. She also accuses him of plagiarism.

More on it here:

Well that’s kind of weird. Considering that Joni Mitchell have performed with him many times as you see in the picture above. I bet she also covered many of his songs. Since she seems such a huge fan of Bob Dylan, why would she say this now after all these years?

Who knows. Maybe Bob Dylan himself will actually agree with her. Dylan is a pretty weird guy in interviews and has a weird sense of humor. I’m not much of a Bob Dylan fan ’cause his folk music always reminded me of Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams Sr. Maybe those are the artists she’s referring to where Dylan stole his ideas from.

It may be harsh, but I think she’s right on the money. Bob Dylan is overrated.



One thought on “Report: Joni Mitchell thinks Bob Dylan is a fake…”

  1. Well all the REAL musicians that believed in the 60s & all that hated Bob Dylans after he “went electric” and went to public concerts and played electric.

    Of course, during the free love 60s times all these “activists” were having sex with each other (even though the chicks didnt shave much & NO ONE showered). The “story” is that Bob D gave Joni M the herpes. It was pretty common and not a big deal.
    Rock stars & actors almost all have herpes (James Woods, Paris Hilton, Bill Clinton, probably everyone on Lark St…)
    Maybe she’s mad at Bob D now because she’s mad about having an STD and she found a guy she really loves & has to have “The Talk” with that guy & is embarrassed.

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