BREAKING NEWS: Warner Bros. fights back for Superman rights!!!

Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan are about ready to get a new “Supes” flick off the ground. So in order to save the franchise, Warner Bros. files suit against the lawyer who represents  the Jerome Siegel heirs, Marc Toberoff. A while back, the Siegel heirs sued Warner Bros. to get full copyrights of the “Superman” character. The Siegel heirs won half of the copyright by owning half of the Superman material while Warner Bros. still owns the other half. The Siegel estate ordered WB’s studios that if they don’t get the new Superman movie made by 2011, they will own full copyright of the Superman franchise.  Look like Warner Bros. still wants full copyright of the franchise, so the new Superman movie can be made the right way.

I can’t blame them. I wish WB’s luck and I’m sure they will win this battle. I would like to see a new Superman movie made with WB’s owning full copyrights. I’ll be keeping an eye on this news. I’m a die hard Superman fan more than I am with Batman. Love the Superman franchise so much!

More on it here:


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