Thought: I believe in Lindsay Lohan part II

So I got some people scratching their heads, thinking to themselves, “Wtf is Kev supporting Lindsay for?” I decided to write another blog to clear up all the confusion. Hopefully.  I’m not saying she didn’t drink and drive, and got caught with cocaine back in 2007, of course she did, and I know she admitted to her mistakes. She admitted she was dumb and hopes to improve her life in the future. I’m not saying alcoholics and druggies are cool, and they have the right to do it, when I know it’s against the law.

What I was saying from this post:

….is, there are so many people out there that are no different than her. Look at how many druggies and alcoholics are around here. I am POSITIVE that some of you readers here had brushes with the law in drugs & alcohol as well. These things happen all the fuckin’ time. I’m pretty sure some of you have family members and friends that are major party animals too. So people being interested in Lindsay Lohan for all this is ridiculous. I guess people get entertained by trainwrecks and gossip drama which is why everyone is so hooked to Lindsay Lohan news. This is why she is reported everywhere. Every move she makes, blam, it’s all over every fuckin’ news site. The gossip sites knows people go crazy over Lindsay Lohan news, it makes them some big bucks and gives them large view counts on their websites.

She’s a famous celebrity in a troubled life right now. So what? There are others: Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, etc. The list can go on.

The fact is, no matter what people think of her, like her or hate her, she’s an innocent human being. Not innocent for her crimes, but she’s innocent as a human. I hope you know what I mean by that. She’s human. She’s not perfect, we all aren’t. If you’re in a troubled life, whatever it is, it takes little tiny baby steps to improve it. That’s where Lindsay falls in. She’s got a long road to go to improve her life, so give her a chance and she’ll improve on her own.

I mean, just because a person is an alcoholic and a junkie, doesn’t make them a terrible person. They can still be a good person who is in need of help. I certainly blame TMZ for all the mess in media news with Lindsay. I’m pretty sure Lindsay is not an evil person that the media is making her out to be. She maybe a wild child but who cares? I’m sure everybody experienced hard partying and maybe had brushes with the law.

There are better things to pay attention to in the news anyways like the Gulf Oil Spill, Abby Sunderland gone missing at the Indian Ocean, the wars still going on in Afghan/Iraq, etc. Do people pay attention to that stuff much? Nope, everyone’s too hooked to Lindsay Lohan news.

I wish Lindsay well and I think she will improve her life when she gets older. It’s a slow process and it ain’t easy.


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