Ozzy admitted in Guitar World magazine that “The Osbournes” TV show destroyed his rock n’ roll image…

I just read the Ozzy Osbourne interview in this months, Guitar World magazine. At the end of the interview, the interviewer asked Ozzy if “The Osbournes” TV show killed his rock n’ roll image and career. To my surprise, Ozzy said yes it did.

I’ll type that up here, straight from the magazine itself:

GW: Do you feel that the Osbrounes television show damaged your musical career?

Ozzy: Yeah, that was kind of an experiment that went crazy. I never really watched it. I look at myself and think, what a fucking moron! What happened with that is a lot of people only know me from the show: they didn’t connect that I’ve been around for a long time before that. In fact, I was in Boston touring and this woman came up to me and said, “What are you doing in Boston?” I said, “I’m doing a show.” She said, “What kind of a show?” I said a rock show, and she looked surprised and exclaimed, “Oh you do that as well?” I thought. Fucking hell-it’s bullshit.

In Ozzy’s book, “I am Ozzy”, he said the show wasn’t his idea, it was all Sharon’s. So Ozzy went for it.

I always knew from the very start that the show killed Ozzy’s rock n’ roll image. People now know him as a celebrity, not a rock n’ roller like he once was. Plus, I think they did it, just so Sharon and the kids can get their fame as well. Sharon wanted to be celebrity too and she got it. She must love being Ozzy’s wife and manager. Personally, I think she’s been using him for fame after all this time and he’s not even realizing it.

Speaking of Ozzy, I bought and downloaded his new album “Scream” from Itunes last night. Didn’t listen to it yet, but I heard clips of it but from what I heard, the new album actually sounds very good. Ozzy needs to stay away from TV so he can get his rock n’ roller image back.

He also admitted in Guitar World, that he never had any musical training at singing. He just grabbed a PA System, singing Beatles songs and that was it. I must say that Ozzy is a hypocrite for firing Zakk Wylde for being an alcoholic ’cause that’s the reason Ozzy was fired from Black Sabbath.


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