Thought: Brock Lesnar autobiography????


So at the press conference after the UFC 116 fight, Brock Lesnar revealed he’s writing an autobiography with the help of Paul Heyman and a ghost writer. I’m certainly am interested in buying it and will read it when ever it gets on the bookshelves at bookstores everywhere. It’s going to be an interesting book I think. He might go everything in detail about his life. Isn’t that the point of an autobiography? I’m interested in reading what his childhood was like all the way up to now.

When the book comes out though, he might have to take another break from UFC. Why? One word: Promotion. He’ll take more time off from UFC to promote the book on TV, do autograph signing book tours, and things like that.

I have a feeling that his book will have things that Vince McMahon won’t want to read ’cause Brock might say a lot of nasty things about him, and Brock might reveal shocking stuff on why him and Vince don’t get along. Plus, I’m sure he’ll talk about how he met with Sable (Rena Mero), they obviously met while working in WWE together, but Brock might explain more stuff about their relationship in the book. Of course, Brock will talk about the UFC in the book as well.

It sure will be a controversial book ’cause Brock is a controversial guy.


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