My fitness posing video is creating controversy in facebook…

So my fitness video is being promoted in facebook recently, and  yes, it is sparking a bit of controversy. Mainly, people making fun of it. The thing is, I even said people can make fun of it all they want to in the description of the youtube video itself. That was the whole point of the video. It was put out there for laughs and for people to pick on it if they wanted. So in reality, I don’t really care if people poke fun at that video ’cause that’s what I wanted people to do.

There will be much more fitness videos on the way. What you see in that video is just a working progress. I have a lot of work to do and it takes time to improve my physique. I will keep going to get the look that I want. I think it’s pretty clear that there is a little jealousy when people treat my fitness adventures in a negative direction. There are too many people around the Capital District area that are alcoholics and people eat a lot of junk food. Maybe that’s why some people get mad ’cause they know I’m more healthier than them? Those critics making fun of the video, know that I’m ripped, they are already saying stuff about the muscles on my body. So those negative comments actually makes me believe I’m going somewhere with my fitness adventures.

The thing is, I don’t write health blogs and post fitness videos for myself. I hope to inspire others to achieve their fitness dreams & goals.  I hope other people around the area, look at what I do and say, “I need to stop eating so much and get in shape”.

Despite the negative feedback of that video, I’m thankful that it has been spreaded around and getting more views on that video. So keep it going. There will be much more fitness videos on the way. I need to find a camera person to video tape my workout routines at the gym. I can video tape myself doing home workouts too though, will do that soon. I wanna show everyone my home workout routine.


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