Report: Sylvester Stallone Q&A with AICN – Day 2

Here’s Day 2 of Sly Stallone answering fan questions. In this one, Sly talks about Frank Miller wanting him to play an aging Batman and surprisingly enough, Sly loves the idea. Even Sly himself might be a huge fan of the Batman character. Sly talks about workout music, what he works out to in the gym, and he admits he does work out to his own music from the Rocky movies. Sly talks what it’s like to work with Woody Allen and Robert Deniro.

And best of all, Sly answers my question about the John Gotti “Dapper Don” movie he is planning with Junior Gotti. Sly explains that the John Gotti project hasn’t even really started yet and they have ways to go to get this project off the ground. So it’s gonna be a LONG LONG while for you to see a John Gotti movie. Like he said, there is already a John Gotti biopic that was made by HBO which stars Armand Assante.

Oh yeah, Sly also says some not friendly stuff about Jean Claude Van Damme. So don’t ever expect Sly and Van Damme to work on a project anytime soon. Sly explains JCVD has a huge ego and that he just wants a high paycheck. Sly still respects Van Damme as an actor though.

Read this entertaining Q&A:


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