Thought: Ways to improve your music and songwriting skills…

If you’re the type of musician and songwriter that gets mixed opinions about your music whether people like it or hate it, when people give you negative feedback on your songs, what are ways to improve? Some people will say just ignore the critics and “haters”, but the truth is, musicians can’t ignore them. You have to take the critics seriously. Here’s why. If you’re going to ignore your critics, you’re never gonna go anywhere with your music. That’s what music is here for. You put it out, people will give feedback on it, good or bad.

If some folks think your music needs more work, like if your guitar playing or the lyrics need to get better or the vocals are not good enough. Take it seriously and take their advice. Usually when the critics bash a musicians music, they usually explain why. So listen to them and do everything as they say. If you do what they say, re-work the song until it gets better. When you re-release the song, maybe they will like it next time around and give you more respect.

That’s how you deal with critics and haters is by improving your craft in music. When people think a song of yours is absolute crap, don’t be afraid to keep re-writing the song until it’s right. If people are trashing your music, then people aren’t feeling it. When you get so many people bashing your music, take some time off from songwriting and improve your skills. Practice your guitar more, practice writing lyrics and work on your vocals.

If you feel that your vocals aren’t good enough for your own songs, then don’t be afraid to get a better singer to have someone else sing them for you, ’cause I’m thinking about doing exactly that. Thinking about having someone else sing the lead for my lyrics. I might just sing backup, that’s about it. This is what you need to do if you want to earn more respect as a songwriter. Listen to people’s advice and take them. This is where I’m coming from. I’m thinkg of ways to improve as a songwriter and guitarist. So I’m now out there buying instructional books to get advice from them and learn to get better. I’m teaching myself to learn how to play better guitar, hopefully get into the advanced level.

If you’re proud of your music, and you want your songs to get the respect they deserve, learn to improve them. That’s what it takes to be a successful songwriter.


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