Report: Zac Efron admits to going to strip club…

“Charles St. Cloud” star, Zac Efron admitted on Jimmy Kimmel live that he visited a strip club to have fun and party. He was expecting it to do it in style but he admitted his experience at a strip club was kind of a dissapointment. Rumours hit the nets that Zac visited a strip club, well here he is, admitting it to all.

More on it here:

Nothing wrong with the kid visiting a strip club is there? He’s just being a guy. He’s like 21 or 22 or something like that, he’s just discovering this stuff. Let the kid have his fun. He’s big and famous, he has a buff physique that he can do anything he wants. I think Zac should keep going to them. Strip clubs are fun! You don’t have to go there and drink, just go and enjoy the strippers dancing on stage and getting lap dances is worth the money as long you’re single.


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