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The Brock defends Albany, N.Y. “lap dancing”, yes, it is “art”!!!

So the NY State court has decided that “Lap dancing” at local strip clubs is not art. Since they say it’s not art, they think lap dancing at strip clubs should be taxed. That’s the big story going around today, in the local news. The club failed to prove that “lap dancing” could be “dramatic or musical performances”, so the court split a 4 to 3 voting. Read the article, here.

Do you think this is fair? I don’t think so. There are better things to tax things on! And yes, “lap dancing” is a work of performing art. When a woman is a stripper it takes a lot of learning and skill to get good with that stuff. A stripper doesn’t do random moves on a guy, they don’t do this stuff for nothing. Agree with it or not. Sex is art. All of it. Lap dancing is pretty much the same as regular dancing, I don’t see how it could be any different. If you do a little reading on google, you can find this stuff, all over. When they say that lap dancing isn’t “art”, it’s just an opinion. They accused the club of not being able to prove it, when the NY State court couldn’t prove it either, hypocrites.

Yes, I have been to a strip club before. Maybe once a long time ago in Albany, but it wasn’t an all nude club. The club I went to back then, they weren’t allowed to be topless in that one. It was more of a Gentleman’s Club than a strip club, though. Big difference. Was my experience there good? Yes, it was! I remember having a blast, and yes, I do remember getting lap dances from the strippers, mostly black women. That was several years ago, though. Thing is, each stripper do lap dances differently. They have their own way of doing it. I don’t see a problem with lap dancing. It’s fun, it’s perfectly safe (since there’s no penetration going on). What’s the big deal, ya know?

Strip clubs have always been a target on governments across the states, because they are always trying to find ways to tax everything. This is wrong. The state court are a bunch of hateful and sexist pigs. There’s nothing wrong with a strip club, ya know? I enjoy ’em, and yes, I would go to one again if the opportunity comes up. I’d like to go to an all nude one next time around. Strip clubs are great for men who are lonely and want to get away from everything in their lives to have some entertainment for themselves, in their private time. Strip clubs are not only for single guys, even married men go to them too.

It’s real sad that the strip clubs gets attacked by the governments and the media. All guys have different ways of having fun, the government shouldn’t have to take that freedom away from us. I support Nite Moves all the way and I think they will be successful in this battle. I would like to go to Nite Moves myself and support them.

Like I said, all of us have their own ways of having fun. Some like to go to rock concerts or go see live sports games or wrestling events, etc. Going to strip clubs is a man’s entertainment. Yes, strippers are artists no matter what you think of them. Erotic dancing is an art.


Report: Zac Efron admits to going to strip club…

“Charles St. Cloud” star, Zac Efron admitted on Jimmy Kimmel live that he visited a strip club to have fun and party. He was expecting it to do it in style but he admitted his experience at a strip club was kind of a dissapointment. Rumours hit the nets that Zac visited a strip club, well here he is, admitting it to all.

More on it here:


Nothing wrong with the kid visiting a strip club is there? He’s just being a guy. He’s like 21 or 22 or something like that, he’s just discovering this stuff. Let the kid have his fun. He’s big and famous, he has a buff physique that he can do anything he wants. I think Zac should keep going to them. Strip clubs are fun! You don’t have to go there and drink, just go and enjoy the strippers dancing on stage and getting lap dances is worth the money as long you’re single.