Correction: Angelina Jolie will write and direct, the Bosnian War film, but not star?

I’m glad Angelina is finally going to write and direct movies soon. This woman have been acting in film for years that it’s time for her to do something different. She’s been acting in films ever since she was a baby! It’s true. I think she could be a great writer and director. She’s been doing movies long enough to understand how writers and directors do it by now. It is said that she will write and direct the Bosnian war film, but no word if she will star or not.

I hope she doesn’t star, ’cause I want her to get the opportunity to express her talents in a different way. Some of you may accuse her that she has no writing and directing experience, but since she has done this for “YEARS”, I’m sure she already learned how to write screenplays years ago. I’m sure all the directors she worked with in the past, gave her plenty of advice on film making.

For the record, Angie already had a hand in directing a documentary titled, “A Place In Time“.

So I’m thinking she will film the Bosnian war film as a documentary type of film. Not a high budget film.


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