Report: Tiger Woods admits drama with now ex-wife is what’s making him suck at golf…

I find myself watching professional golf on Sunday afternoons a lot lately. Why? I don’t know. I think the sport is finally getting to me, that I actually enjoy watching it. As you get older it inspires you to grow out of childish things and get into more adult things, like watching more sports. I don’t watch stupid reality shows or primetime drama crap on TV much. All I mostly watch on TV are movies, some sports, professional wrestling, UFC, and the only primetime TV show I would watch whenever it’s on is “Friday Night Lights”, that’s about it. I’m not a big TV person like some people are.

I have been noticing that Tiger Woods have been doing crap on golf and I always figure it was all that drama.

I’m actually glad that Tiger has been sucking lately at golf. It’s about time, man. Give other great golfers a chance to get the spotlight. Now that Tiger is officially a single man, he can bang all the women he wants now.


One thought on “Report: Tiger Woods admits drama with now ex-wife is what’s making him suck at golf…”

  1. Yeah, if Tiger continues to play poorly,(I hope he doesn’t) but for the sake of golf if this is the end of Tiger, the PGA really has no chance of gaining popularity in sports for the immediate future. Sure there are many young golfers starting to emerge but still they don’t bring the excitement to golf as we have seen Tiger do on many occasions.

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