BREAKING NEWS: Snooki gets 2 days of community service and fined for $500 for being annoying on the beach…

“Jersey Shore” star, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was in court today. She was arrested in Season Heights, New Jersey near the beach where she was partying hard. That day she was drinking from a beer bong that was filled with Coca-Cola soft drink, then she was taking body shots at a nearby bar. She was arrested for disorderly conduct. The judge in court today called her a Lindsay Lohan wannabe.

Read more on the story here.

Really? Is the judge serious? I don’t see how Snooki is a Lindsay Lohan wannabe. So what, Snooki had a few drinks on the beach and got wasted. At least, she wasn’t driving, you gotta give her the kudos for that. Snooki wasn’t doing illegal drugs that day. I don’t think she’s a coke addict like Lindsay Lohan. Just because Snooki is young and beautiful like Lindsay, doesn’t mean she’s a trainwreck like Lindsay.

Being the wealthy person Snooki is, she would think $500 is cheap and she would put the 2 days of community service behind her fast. I don’t see how this incident could be compared to Lindsay or Britney Spears. Snooki is not them.

Snooki didn’t really do anything criminal, she’s just had a few drinks and got crazy like any drunk would, so the judge comparing Snooki to Lindsay is wrong.


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