Report: Mark Wahlberg, offered to play “The Crow” for re-boot…

It is reported that Mark Wahlberg have been offered to play the leading role and hero of the film, “The Crow”, for the re-boot.

More on the story, here.

Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee, starred in the original “Crow” movie, which is where Brandon died in a gun accident while shooting an action scene on set. I thought the original, “Crow” movie was amazing, but the sequels after that, were really bad.

Honestly, I think the “Crow” re-boot is well deserved and needed ’cause it could go for another try. As long as they make it similar to the first one, make it dark, violent, and action packed, I’ll be happy. I think Mark Wahlberg is a perfect choice to play this hero. I can definitely see him in white face paint!


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