Brock reviews the “Walking Dead” TV show…

“The Walking Dead” a new TV horror fiction show, have been so popular on the web lately. Other people have talked me into watching the show myself. So I saw the first episode on the AMC website, and was pretty impressed. As you all know, “The Walking Dead” TV show was adapted from the black and white comic books that were around back in 2003. Yes, the storyline of some guy waking up and finding the world being taken over by zombies have been told so many times in various styles. I think AMC does their version perfectly. There have been so many horror TV shows in the past but most of them have been garbage. The first episode was really creepy and scary. It was also bloody and gory. Something that would been shown on the big screen, not the small screen. So it’s really weird that AMC is able to show these things. “The Walking Dead” was really good, I was very impressed by it all around.  I think Andrew Lincoln is a great actor. Frank Darabont, the legendary director is the one who created this show. Consider me a new fan of “The Walking Dead”. I’ll be watching every Sunday night. I’m going to try to watch episode 2 of “Walking Dead” to catch up before Sunday, the new episode. So I now watch two different new prime time drama shows on TV, “The Event” on NBC, and now, “The Walking Dead” on AMC. If you seriously like, George A Romero and zombie fiction, of course, you would love this. This is an awesome show, definitely check it out. I can see why it’s so popular!


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