RANT: People have the worst social skills, I’ve ever seen in Facebook…

Everyday I see people in facebook posting status’s that are so crazy, delusional, selfish and out of this world. People like to rant about various things in facebook. People like to rant about things going on in their personal lives, the entertainment industry, things going on in the news, politics, etc. When you reply to their status’s and when you disagree with people on certain things, they get all pissed and defensive. People will either delete the comment or remove/block you from facebook. I usually don’t reply to other people’s status’s too much, but I’ll reply to something only if I think it is worth a response. My responses to people wasn’t negative or rude at all, all I did was disagreed with people and spoke my honest thoughts. That was it. I figure that if people get pissed at what you say, then I am probably right and they couldn’t take it.

You see, I have a personal facebook page. I have a facebook page so I can keep in touch with family that are out of state or around my area, friends that I know that are around Greenwich, local musicians that I know from the music scene and fans/supporters that know me personally. I don’t add people randomly anymore like I used to. I now only use facebook to add people that I know only.

When I rant about things in my facebook, I let people speak their mind on anything. Why? I truly believe in freedom of speech. If people want to disagree with me on a status of mine, that’s fine and good. I don’t take things seriously and personally. That’s what discussion and debating is all about. Being able to be brave about discussions and not act like a little pussy by deleting comments or removing/blocking people. I don’t do that to people. I never really liked to delete or block people. I only do it if I have a very good reason to do so. I let people discuss their minds on anything but I don’t tolerate death or bodily threats, cyber bullying or things that gets out of hand.

The thing about facebook is, when you post a status publicly for the world to see, that gives the right for people to reply to it however they want to, whether it’s a negative or positive response. If you’re going to rant about things, fine, but don’t be so fucking uptight about things when people disagree with you. You are not always right about everything you post in your status so I wish people would get the hell over themselves. Just shows that people can be such assholes in the world of social networking. A big virtual soap opera world, that’s all it is.

I like discussing things with people when they act like an adult about it and not take everything personally. Most of the people in my facebook are cool for that reason.


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