“The Walking Dead” Episode 6 – “TS-19” Season Finale review (major spoilers)

So I watched the last episode of “The Walking Dead”, season finale titled, “TS-19”. This post will include some major spoilers so if you haven’t seen this episode yet. Don’t read this post.

First things first, I was pretty impressed with Season 1. There wasn’t one episode that I didn’t hate. I loved them all. This is indeed the best show on television. Last night’s finale was just great. Most TV shows have bad writing, but not this one. The writing is really good which makes the show so entertaining and watchable. The actors did a great job, but I was most impressed with Laurie Holden, who plays Andrea. Laurie Holden is such a talented actress and so mind blowing, that I think she definitely deserves a Golden Globe award for best TV actress for this show.

On with the episode, the show is turning out to be a mix of horror, suspense, drama, and science fiction, all into one. This episode will explain in detail of how live humans transform themselves into the living dead, which they call them, “walkers’ in the show. Rick Grimes and the rest of the cast, hide out from the walkers at the CDC building for protection and safety, which the building is owned by Dr. Jenner who is the only one left alive in the building. Jenner invites the cast into the building for showers, food, drinks, and hospitality. Later in the episode, Jenner explains the cast how live humans turn into dead “walkers”. He explains that everything inside the human body shuts down, and explains how the TS-19 experiment restarts the brainstem, and the human brain doesn’t come back. Jenner later explains that the electricity and water will run out, when it does, the building will automatically self destruct in 30 minutes. The cast wants to leave the building, but Jenner locks them in, warning them if they go out there, they will be killed by the walkers, so he thinks they are better off dying in there. Of course, the cast disagrees, they get scared and want to survive still, so they force Dr. Jenner to open the door which he did. Everyone leaves the CDC building except for Jacqui who stays in with Dr. Jenner. Dr. Jenner refuses to go outside because he made a promise to his wife who also died and was turned into a walker. The episode ends with the CDC building exploding with Jacqui and Jenner being left inside.

One thing I left out, is when the Shane and Lori relationship continues when Rick is not around. Shane has an obsessive crush on Lori (Rick’s wife), but the love triangle continues without Rick knowing about their relationship. Question is what will happen between Lori and Shane in Season 2? Will the two actually fall in love and Lori splits with Rick? Or will Rick confront Shane about it?

I was expecting another cast member to die and turn into a zombie but that didn’t happen. They already lost Amy, a few episodes back so they don’t need to lose another one this soon. In Season 2, I am predicting a few things. I have a feeling that Michael Rooker’s character, Merle Dixon, is still alive and not a walker yet. I think Merle sawed off his own hands just to get out of that building alive and Merle might return for Season 2, to get back at Rick for revenge. I also have a feeling that another major character will turn into a walker in Season 2. I think Rick himself will turn into a zombie at some point, but not right away. I think there’s a chance that Shane might get turned into one in Season 2.

I can’t wait for Season 2, and I will buy season 1 when it hits DVD, so I can watch the 6 episodes all over again. This is a very well done show. I wish there could be more good TV shows like this.


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