BREAKING NEWS: Jon Favreau is done with Iron Man!!!

Actor/director, Jon Favreau, announced the shocking news that he is done with Iron Man movies. The reason? Well, Jon has too much on his plate. He just finished “Cowboys & Aliens”, and he’ll have to get busy promoting the film. After he finishes promotion and marketing of “Cowboys & Aliens”, he’ll get right to work on Disney’s “Magic Kingdom” movie. I’m sure he wants to do another Iron Man movie, but he can’t. I can’t blame Jon for going with Disney instead ’cause it is a bigger opportunity.

Deadline, reports.

Honestly, I’m not sad that Jon is leaving the Iron Man series. The first one was good, but the second one was disappointing. I love the Iron Man character. It’s one of my favorite Marvel heroes. I hope they find a better director to make a good Iron Man movie. I’m sure Zack Snyder, would make a great Iron Man movie, but he’ll be busy doing Superman instead. Lets hope they don’t get shitty directors like Michael Bay, Joel Schumacher, or Bret Ratner. Anybody but them.




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