Book Review: “Life” by Keith Richards

So I finally finished reading Keith Richards new autobiography, “Life”. It’s not just a book about the Rolling Stones. It’s way more than that. It’s really about the life of Keith Richards. Yes, he really opens up about everything. He explained what his childhood was like and the book went all the way up to today. Just like most rock musician biographies, it focuses a lot on music, drugs & women. Keith Richards new book is different than other rock musician biographies. He goes into detail in everything. He discusses how he got into music and what made him want to pick up the guitar. He also explains how he got into rock n’ roll and old blues music. He taught us how he came up with his famous open tunings on 5 strings. Most of it, he talked about drug addiction and the career of the Rolling Stones. He talked about his brief feud with Mick Jagger. Yes, he and Mick Jagger had a fallen out which the Rolling Stones almost came close to breaking up. Mick went on to start his own solo career without the band’s knowledgement and that’s how the feud all started. So Keith started his own solo project as for payback with Mick.

Only thing I was disappointed in that Keith didn’t talk much about his career in movies in Hollywood. He didn’t talk much about his cameo in “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”. I was hoping he would go into insight about that. How he met Johnny Depp and was wondering how him and Keith got along. He only talked very little about the “Pirates” movie. His film career was only like one or two pages long and you’ll read that at the very end of the book. The only reason he wrote about his film career briefly is so he can clear up the nasty rumors about him snorting his own father’s ashes, which isn’t true of course.

Other than that, this was an excellent read. I liked the behind the scene stuff that we all didn’t know about the Rolling Stones. You don’t have to be a fan of music or a fan of the Rolling Stones to read this book, you’ll be intrigued by his stories. He’s probably the best music storyteller of them all.

What other famous musicians who I would like to see write an autobiography who haven’t written one yet? I can think of 5 at the top of my head: 1) Jimmy Page 2) David Bowie 3) Trey Anastasio of Phish 4) Joe Satriani 5) James Hetfield of Metallica.


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