Greenwich finally gets a YMCA!!!

Yes that’s right. My hometown of Greenwich finally gets our very own YMCA workout gym! This is pretty thrilling news, and great for the Greenwich community. Greenwich needs this. There aren’t too many people in Greenwich that are in the best of shape, and Greenwich having our own YMCA will hopefully help everyone to get motivated into fitness more. It would be nice to see more fit and muscular people in Greenwich, but you don’t see many bodybuilders around. I really hope I’m not the only bodybuilder in Greenwich.

Check out the Greenwich YMCA which is currently called, “The Battenkill Branch” but it’s owned by the YMCA. Look at it, here.

I love how the hours are from 5 in the morning to 10 at night during the week. That’s awesome. That’s for who work day jobs full time and people can get their workout done before work early in the morning or after work. Plus they’re open on weekends too. Best of all, the subscription is surprisingly cheap, $32.00 a month!

For the past year, I’ve been working out at the Fitness Center in Greenwich, a different gym, but the price is higher than the YMCA and the hours are less. I haven’t been working out at the gym because I’ve been waiting for the YMCA to open. The Y will open this coming Wed, and I will go to their open house next Sat. to check out their weight room.

This is pretty exciting news.


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