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Killed it at my second powerlifting meet yesterday… came home with 2nd place metal…

Powerlifting meet Round #2 will be yet again another successful meet. I killed it on the squats and deadlift but could have done better on the bench press, though. To explain the X’s on the bench on my scorecard, the first X, I messed up ’cause I didn’t follow the commands by mistake on that one. The first lift on bench, I pressed up too soon before the ref got to say the “press” command so that lift was disqualified even though it was a good one. The second lift on bench was a good lift at 150 lbs. As for the second X on bench at 155 lbs was a failed lift. I couldn’t get that one all the way up so I had to get the spotters to stop the lift immediately. Still though, I’m very proud of the 150 “personal record” on the bench, though. I never thought I could lift 150 on bench. I decided to challenge myself on 155 to see if I could get that one but couldn’t so my official pr on bench is 150 lbs. I’ll take it, I’m happy with that lift.

On deadlift, I seem to have lifted 265 lbs. easily so that means I could have gone for 270. Next time I do deadlift at the gym which won’t be until next weekend, I’ll give 270 a shot. Even though I’m pretty new to squats, I seem to have killed it on that too. The form looks good.

I was very proud and happy with yesterday. You get better and better at every powerlifting meet you do. When will be Powerlifting meet Round #3??? I’m hoping to do another one soon but it probably won’t be ’til the Spring or summer for me to do another one at Albany Strength. My goal is to be able bench and squat 200 lbs. or over and I want to take some time to work on that.

I gotta say though that I am loving powerlifting more and more so it probably will be a full time thing. I will do powerlifting meets at Albany Strength and at the Wilton YMCA both. I love powerlifting ’cause it’s definitely a learning experience. I’m realizing now that you’re not going to do every lift perfect ’cause every lifter makes mistakes ’cause that’s what it’s all about. Powerlifting challenges you. If you want to bring up a weight and not sure if you can do it, give it a try anyways ’cause you never know.

When you do powerlifting meets and if you do real good and kick ass, not only you’ll win awards, you will also win a lot of respect from people there. That’s what matters to me most more than the awards. You’ll get a lot of fans and supporters out of powerlifting. They’ll give you fist bumps and high fives letting you know they respect you and telling you “good job”. You know you’re getting respect with people at the meets when everybody is giving you lifting advice ’cause I got plenty of lifting advice yesterday from the pros. You know you’re doing good when you grab the powerlifting meet director’s attention.

Funny thing is, I always saw myself as weak and small but these powerlifting meets are making me realize that I am really strong. My gosh, after all the hard work I spent in the gym for over 10 years really paid off.

Even though I could have done better on the bench press, I was still very proud of yesterday.

A lot of powerlifting newbies get so scared of getting into it, though. I’ll admit that at first, I wasn’t so sure but once I did my first meet, it ended up being pretty easy. It does take a while to get used to powerlifting and to be more confident about it. I love powerlifting. I think it’s a blast to be able to show what you can do in front of an actual live audience which is awesome, plus, it’s a blast to watch the other lifters too. I mean, christ, you got people lifting at these things of all ages… people from young teenagers to people at 70 years old doing powerlifting. Age is just a number. If you want to lift then lift. Yesterday, I’ve seen young teenage girls between 15 – 17 lifting heavier weights then I can, it was fucking crazy… lmao.

I am noticing that powerlifting has become way more popular and the sport is becoming more mainstream too.

I had a great time yesterday and glad I actually went ’cause I almost wasn’t gonna do it.


Greenwich finally gets a YMCA!!!

Yes that’s right. My hometown of Greenwich finally gets our very own YMCA workout gym! This is pretty thrilling news, and great for the Greenwich community. Greenwich needs this. There aren’t too many people in Greenwich that are in the best of shape, and Greenwich having our own YMCA will hopefully help everyone to get motivated into fitness more. It would be nice to see more fit and muscular people in Greenwich, but you don’t see many bodybuilders around. I really hope I’m not the only bodybuilder in Greenwich.

Check out the Greenwich YMCA which is currently called, “The Battenkill Branch” but it’s owned by the YMCA. Look at it, here.

I love how the hours are from 5 in the morning to 10 at night during the week. That’s awesome. That’s for who work day jobs full time and people can get their workout done before work early in the morning or after work. Plus they’re open on weekends too. Best of all, the subscription is surprisingly cheap, $32.00 a month!

For the past year, I’ve been working out at the Fitness Center in Greenwich, a different gym, but the price is higher than the YMCA and the hours are less. I haven’t been working out at the gym because I’ve been waiting for the YMCA to open. The Y will open this coming Wed, and I will go to their open house next Sat. to check out their weight room.

This is pretty exciting news.