Report: John Travolta finally getting ready back to work, could possibly star as John Gotti for a biopic film…

Look like John Travolta is finally getting back to work in Hollywood. Obviously, he took a long hiatus from acting due to his tragedy with his son Jet and having a newborn baby with Kelly Preston just recently.  Travolta is in talks with Fiore Films, that he may possibly star as John Gotti for a biopic film. Nick Cassavettes is also in talks to direct the film.

Read more on the story, here.

Honestly, Travolta would be perfect for Gotti. They look creepily similar if you think about it. Plus, I can see Travolta nailing this role down and hopefully could land him back into the award scene with this role.

Wondering what’s going to happen with Sly Stallone’s “Gotti” project that he had planned? Sly might have to scrap his Gotti project, if this one is a hit. Glad Travolta is finally scouting for new projects! Like Travolta or not, I like him, always been a fan of his acting and his movies. Glad he’s making a comeback!


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