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Report: Joe Pesci sues the Gotti’s claiming he got screwed over role…

Joe Pesci is suing the film makers of “Gotti: In the Shadow of My Father” accusing them of yanking the role Anglo Ruggiero, after gaining 30 lbs for the role like he was asked. Instead they asked him to play a smaller role of Anthony “Gaspipe” Casso with a smaller pay of $1 Million. The film also stars John Travolta and Al Pacino.

Read the full story, here.

Well I’m siding with Joe. If you’re dealing with the Gotti’s who were all former mob men, you can’t trust any of them. I’m surprised Travolta and Pacino are both still on the project.


Report: Nick Cassavette’s pulls out of “Gotti: Three Generations”…

Pictured above: Travolta, Gotti Junior, and Lindsay Lohan.

Director, Nick Cassavettes pulled out of directing “Gotti: Three Generations”, the John Gotti “Dapper Don” biopic film, due to scheduling conflicts. Cassavettes committed himself to do a different independent film titled, “Yellow”. The producers of the Gotti film are looking for a replacement director.

More on it, here.

Looking at the pic above, it seems that Travolta gets along with Lindsay quite well. If she can keep herself out of jail, then maybe she’ll actually be in this movie.


Report: Joe Pesci joins the cast for new John Gotti Sr. biopic, Lindsay Lohan in talks to star as well…

Fiore Films, announced that actor, Joe Pesci has joined the cast of “Gotti: Three Generations”. Pesci will be playing the “Dapper Don’s” deputy, Angelo Ruggiero. Lindsay Lohan is in talks for an un-named major role in the film.

Deadline, reports.

I bet Lindsay Lohan is going to be Victoria Gotti, “The Dapper Don’s” wife. Just google up pics of Victoria Gotti. Her and Lindsay both look alike.


BREAKING NEWS: John Travolta is set to play John Gotti Sr., aka “The Dapper Don”…

Now that John Travolta have got his personal life straightened out, this is a good time for him to return to work. John had a roller coaster ride with his life for the past year, he took a long hiatus from Hollywood. Now that he’s back, he will play John Gotti Sr. aka “The Dapper Don”, the legendary mob boss.

It will be an indie film, called, “Gotti: The Three Generations”. The film will be directed by Nick Cassavettes.

Read the story here at, The Hollywood Reporter.




Report: John Travolta finally getting ready back to work, could possibly star as John Gotti for a biopic film…

Look like John Travolta is finally getting back to work in Hollywood. Obviously, he took a long hiatus from acting due to his tragedy with his son Jet and having a newborn baby with Kelly Preston just recently.  Travolta is in talks with Fiore Films, that he may possibly star as John Gotti for a biopic film. Nick Cassavettes is also in talks to direct the film.

Read more on the story, here.

Honestly, Travolta would be perfect for Gotti. They look creepily similar if you think about it. Plus, I can see Travolta nailing this role down and hopefully could land him back into the award scene with this role.

Wondering what’s going to happen with Sly Stallone’s “Gotti” project that he had planned? Sly might have to scrap his Gotti project, if this one is a hit. Glad Travolta is finally scouting for new projects! Like Travolta or not, I like him, always been a fan of his acting and his movies. Glad he’s making a comeback!