Defending Arcade Fire’s win at the Grammy’s…

So I watched the Grammy’s last night. The show was pretty interesting. I must say that this was the best Grammy’s show in a long time. Many would disagree but think about it: Bob Dylan performing, Mick Jagger performing for the first time in years after a hiatus, Kris Kristofferson & Barbara Streisand standing on stage together, the Cee Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow performance, Katy Perry, etc. All that stuff was very entertaining.

The thing that shocked people the most about last night’s Grammy’s show, this even shocked me too, was Arcade Fire winning for Album of the Year, for their newest album, “The Suburbs”. Many were shocked of this win because people were hoping Eminem or Lady Gaga were going to get it. I’m glad the Grammy’s gave Arcade Fire the win.

Why? Because they are a talented rock n’ roll band, that deserves more recognition. Many people don’t know who Arcade Fire is, because a lot of people claim they are new. Well, Arcade Fire isn’t really new. They’ve been around a long time. They are an indie band, not a major label band, they just happened to land on the Grammy’s. I haven’t heard their album, “The Suburbs” yet, but I plan on listening to it soon. I’ve heard their stuff on the radio and seen them perform on TV many times. So I know Arcade Fire is a great band. They are great. So this win for them is well deserved.

I’m sick of mainstream acts winning the Album of the Year award all the time. Giving someone new and something different a chance is a good thing that the Grammny’s did. Plus, Arcade Fire is a real band with real talent, yes I said that. They are a young band with at least 7 members. They only released 3 albums in their career.

I was expecting Gaga to get the win last night myself, but my jaw dropped when they said Arcade Fire’s name.

On with the other performances, my favorite performances were Bob Dylan.  The Cee Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow performance was very strange but it was pretty inspiring. Katy Perry’s performance was electric, I loved it. Yes, I’m a huge Katy Perry fan and would see her in concert if she came around my area, some day. Seeing her live looks a lot of fun.

It was a pretty good Grammy’s show last night, Arcade Fire is a great band so before you think, “Who are they?”, “They suck they don’t deserve the win”, do a little research on them and listen to them first, then you would see how they got to the Grammy’s. Arcade Fire is a unique band. They don’t sound like any other band.



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