Report: “Tomb Raider” re-boot, officially green lighted!!!

GK Films, have announced that they have green lighted, the “Tomb Raider” series.

Read the full story here at, Deadline.

I loved the first, “Tomb Raider” flick, it was actually a great film. I hated the second one though, “Cradle of Life” that was a shit movie. I can see why they’re re-booting since the second one wasn’t that great.

I hope they do a good job with the re-boot. Now that Angelina Jolie is officially out, who do I think will replace?

I’d like to see these 5 actresses replace Angie:

-Michelle Rodriguez

-Minka Kelly

-Noomi Rapace

-Mila Kunis

-Rhona Mitra

Rhona Mitra would probably be the best choice of them all. Why? Because she played the voice overs for Lara Croft for a few Tomb Raider video games, plus, she starred in “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans” movie. Rhona would be more fitting.It would be great if Rhona plays Lara in a live action film. She did voice over for Lara in a video game but not for a film. She deserves this opportunity. Rhona have done lots of action movies, so she can handle her own stunts.


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