I would like to start a Blu Ray collection but…

I love Blu Ray discs. I would love to start collecting them. If I did, I would only buy the movies on Blu Ray’s that are my favorite films. The reason is, Blu Ray movies are very expensive. As a matter of fact, I have already started a Blu Ray collection but only own 2 so far. They are “WWII in HD” and “Memento – The 10th Anniversary Edition”. I didn’t buy “Memento”. It came to me in the mail for free, since I helped promote this company that wanted me to spread the word about the “Memento 10th Anniversary” screening. The company gave me two copies of the “Memento” Blu Ray. One to keep for myself, and the other to give away for a contest for my site, which I will plan something soon. I will play a trivia game on any random Christopher Nolan movie. Not just “Memento”, any of them. The first person gets the questions right will be an immediate winner of the Blu Ray. I will start this contest very soon, just got to plan out instructions, rules, and questions.

Yes, sometimes movie companies mail me free things after helping promoting for them in this blog. I don’t do this blog for money, but I don’t mind getting free DVD’s or Blu Ray’s from  movie companies which has happened before. I got a free “Family Guy – Season 6” box set for helping them promote the 100th episode in this blog.

See, this is another reason I blog. Hoping to attract the attention of the  movie business and Hollywood, and it’s slowly working. This is one of the reasons I don’t give up what I do. My goal with this site, is I hope this site will be more like “Deadline.com” or “AICN”, yes, I’ll admit it, I’m kind of competing with them a little bit. Hoping this site will one day get national exposure. I’m not afraid to say that.

I’ve even gotten “Exclusive” news items like once or twice before in the past.

Back to the topic of Blu Ray’s, while I would like to start buying them someday, that still doesn’t mean I will give up DVD’s. I will continue to buy DVD’s if I want to blind buy a movie I haven’t seen which I continue to do. Blu Ray’s are very nice and impressive, definitely better than DVD, but they are too pricey, but the price on Blu Ray’s are fair since I’m sure it was pricey for them to make.

I will videotape the “Memento” contest, so I can prove that a movie company really did sent me this. It will come soon.


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