RIP: Mike Starr 1966 – 2011

Alice In Chains, the legendary Seattle grunge band, have lost another one. First they lost their important front man, Layne Staley, and now they lose their long time bassist, Mike Starr. Mike was one of the founding members of Alice in Chains, he played in the band from when they first started all the way ’til, 1993. Mike Starr left Alice In Chains due to his drug addiction and wanted to get clean by joining the cast to Dr. Drew’s reality show, “Celebrity Rehab” on, Vh-1. Mike Starr was found dead yesterday, in Salt Like City, his cause of death haven’t been announced yet, but everyone is speculating that it could be a drug overdose.

Alice In Chains is one of my favorite bands of all times. I feel bad for Jerry and the guys in AIC, that they have to go through another death when they just lost, Layne. Sad news. RIP Mike Starr. Sad loss in the music industry.


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