“Super 8” the mysteries of the trailer…

One thing for sure that JJ Abrams and Spielberg did a great job on keeping the new trailer mysterious. The plot haven’t been revealed quite yet. The trailer showed a few kids filming their own zombie movie with a video camera at a railroad track. A train comes by and crashes through a truck. Then they discover a US Airforce cargo that was on the train, not sure where it came from and they try to investigate it. Something was trapped inside the cargo and trying to get out. Keeping that “thing” a mystery. They wouldn’t show you if it was an animal, a monster or an alien, whatever that thing is.

At about 1:37 in the trailer, you can briefly see that “thing” in the trailer, if you look closely. So it’s obviously some kind of creature or an alien. The trailer makes it look like that the town is in danger of this “thing”. If you notice in the trailer, the kids try to find the “thing” themselves by filming a documentary of it. Look like Kyle plays the town’s Sheriff and look like his job is to protect the town from danger.

The trailer wants to make it look like the film is violent and dark, with this mysterious “thing” in the film. Is this “thing” evil or actually friendly? There are too many questions that need to be answered. Once we actually see the film, I’m sure the film will be much different than the trailers we’ve seen.

Knowing that Spielberg is part of this film, I just hope this film won’t end like “Close Encounters” or “E.T.”. We’ve had enough of those endings where the aliens go back out in space. I hope the ending for “Super 8” will be different.

Most movie trailers make films so predictable, but this one is mysterious. They did a great job with the trailer, leaving us having no idea of what the movie is going to be like. Spielberg have done so many movies about aliens over the years, I’m hoping this one will be something different. I’m hoping the “thing” in this film will be evil and scary looking. Spielberg had enough family friendly aliens, hope this one will be a mean one.

It might not be an alien or a monster at all and the thing won’t even exist in the film. We’ll just have to wait and find out what it is when the film comes out in June.


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