Thought: So the “sci-fi” genre officially made a huge comeback to the movies…

Science Fiction was very popular in the 70’s and throughout the 80’s, but the popularity of the science fiction genre died out in the 90’s. It seems that the popularity of sci fi has risen again this year.

The “Star Trek” reboot, “District 9”, “Avatar”, and next here comes, “Battle Los Angeles”. We have “Cowboys & Aliens” coming soon as well. So there’s your evidence that sci fi have came back in a huge way.

I’m a huge science fiction fan and this genre deserves to get known again. I haven’t seen “Battle Los Angeles” yet but will see it later this week. Now that sci fi is getting huge, maybe this will get people to start watching the classic sci fi movies like: “Metropolis”, “Blade Runner”, “Enemy Mine”, “The Black Hole”, “Dune”, “Explorers”, “The Last Starfighter”, etc. I’m pretty sure some people of today don’t even know about those movies.


4 thoughts on “Thought: So the “sci-fi” genre officially made a huge comeback to the movies…”

  1. Once again, Kev, I’ve got to say I think you’re making statements with nothing to back them up. Sci fi died out in the 90’s? Terminator 2, the Matrix, Jurassic Park, Gattaca, Twelve Monkeys, the Fifth Element, Men in Black, Star Trek: First Contact, Total Recall, Independence Day…I could go on. What are you talking about man?

    1. Most of those flicks were action/adventure mixed with a bit of “sci fi”. I’m talking about true “sci fi”. “Sci fi” with actual storytelling and about actual “science”. “Sci fi” without the family friendly action/adventure baloney and serious storytelling. That’s what I mean.


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