Thought: Why Snooki is booked for “Wrestlemania” this year…

WWE is in a huge backlash just recently because they booked “Jersey Shore’s” Snooki, Nicole Polizzi, for a match at this year’s “Wrestlemania”. She’ll be in a triple threat tag team match with John Morrison and Trish Stratus vs. Lay-Cool tag team and Dolph Ziggler.

“Jersey Shore” is not everyone’s favorite show and neither am I, but in Snooki’s defense, I can understand why WWE would want her.

If you are a fan of Jersey Shore, you would know that Snooki is good at being a drama queen, she can be real bitchy and tough. WWE loves stuff like that. Plus, Snooki is a fighter. You may not believe it, but it’s true. If you watched the show Jersey Shore, Snooki has gotten into fights with other women, many times. She had many brutal catfights with Angelina and other women of Jersey Shore. She even punched, “The Situation” in the face once on the show.

The reason Snooki was booked for the match, is that, WWE wanted a woman that could be able to take out Lay-Cool. Lay-Cool which has Layla and Michelle McCool who have been dominate over the women at the Smackdown roster. WWE figures that Snooki would be a good woman to take out Lay-Cool easily, knowing how brutal Snooki fights on “Jersey Shore”. They needed a woman who is capable enough of taking out another woman in catfights and Snooki can.

It is no secret that celebrities have always been huge in “Wrestlemania” over the years. Lets look at the list of some celebrities that’s been a part of “Wrestlemania”: Donald Trump, Mickey Rourke, Pete Rose, Lawrence Taylor, Bart Gunn, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Mike Tyson, Mr. T., William Shatner, Pam Anderson, Carmen Electra, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, etc. All those celebrities I listed performed at “Wrestlemania” over the years.

This year is Snooki’s year. Snooki have been on a promotional tour for her book and to help promote, “Jersey Shore”. She’s been all over the place, on late night TV interviews, radio, etc. This is also a good opportunity to promote, “Jersey Shore”.

I have no problem with Snooki being a part of “Wrestlemania”, ’cause she deserves it, honestly. The “Jersey Shore” show is kind of like WWE and she looks like a WWE Diva, so why not? I think that match with her might be pretty entertaining.

So please try to respect WWE’s reason for having Snooki. I think it’s actually a good idea to have her on.


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