Scams in the music business…

I know almost all bands & solo music artists want to be successful in their careers and make it to the next level. When you want to become successful and try do that over the internet, that’s when you become a huge target of scams. Yes, there are scams in the music business just like how you can get scammed out of dating sites, the lottery tickets, and everywhere else.

When you want to get gig opportunities, record deals, publishing deals, touring, etc. You have to be very careful of every move you make in the music business. You can’t accept every offer that is thrown in your face.

You have to watch out for Afton Live and other scams on the internet. They are all over the place. You need to learn how to tell which online company is a scam or what is legit. You have to watch for “red flags” and not trust everything you see and read online.

There is this band in facebook, that I know very well. I will not name this band…but this nameless band actually fell for this Afton Live thing and they actually booked the show with them at Red Square, in Albany later this Spring.

Most professional musicians online would immediately know that Afton Live is a scam. I’ve tried to tell this “nameless band” this company is a pay to play scam but this band wouldn’t even listen to me. They kept defending this Afton Live company and siding with them. They actually think it’s a good opportunity when I’ve tried to warn them that company is not to be trusted. They wouldn’t cancel out of the show, no matter what I said about Afton Live, and they stayed committed to playing, the Red Square gig. They think Afton Live is a good opportunity to get their feet in the door at Red Square.

I thought I warned people about this company, last year.

Why did Red Square agree to work with Afton Live? Because this scam helps the venue make some money. That’s all they care about. The owners of Red Square won’t care if bands get scammed out of this. They are not responsible for the scammed tickets that fans bought off of Afton Live’s website. I am watching facebook and I’m seeing at least 50 people have bought tickets off the Afton Live website, to go see this show at Red Square.

I’m just concerned for this band that they are going to get screwed out of this very badly. They would come home very disappointed and angry, knowing that they might get ripped off and I was afraid of this happening for this band…but their delusional minds don’t think any of this would happen.

I did my best to bring this to their attention but like I said, they were 100% committed to this show. So I’m like, okay, I’ll just give up and let them have their show. If something bad happens out of it, then it’s their own fault that they didn’t listen to me in the first place. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s going to happen out of it myself.

I’m already feeling bad for all those people buying those tickets off of Afton Live, they are about ready to get ripped off, big time, and they don’t realize it’s a scam. The money is going to that company, Afton Live, instead of the venue. That’s the sad part about it. They are not going to get that money back even if they want it.

At least, I tried to help this band. That was all I did was to save them from possibly getting screwed and ripped off, so I give up. Bands are really crazy and nuts, sometimes, I tell ya.


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