Improving Lead Guitar: Should guitar players learn cover songs note for note???

I’ve been reading a lot about trying to improve lead guitar solos. Reading theory, scales, modes, ear training and improv. All that stuff. I was giving the advice by some musicians that to get better, I should learn guitar solos from other cover songs note for note, so I can get musical and get a better ear. Sorry, but I disagree. I would probably stay away from learning guitar solos from other cover songs. My plan is, I’m just going to learn the theory stuff, get better at ear training and come up with my own style of lead guitar soloing.

I’m never going to play the “Stairway to Heaven” or Jimi Hendrix tunes note for note. Yes, I’ll still play cover songs, I’ll play the rhythm parts of the songs note for note, but the guitar solos on cover songs, I’ll make the solos sound like that I wrote it.

I think it’s better if you want your own style, your own sound. Don’t copy from anything else. Don’t play like Jimmy Page, Hendrix or Clapton. You want to sound like you. I’m trying to have a good ear with music and practicing ear training, it’s getting better for me.

I’m trying to be a better guitar player and doing the best I can to make it happen. I would consider myself an intermediate guitar player. I’m not even close to the advanced/pro level yet, but I hope to get there soon. I want to prove people that I can be a good musician.

I should be getting, “Band In a Box 2011” software soon. I’ll be able to make my own jam tracks with that software and that’ll be perfect practice for jamming on guitar solos. The main reason I’m trying to improve as a guitar player ’cause I want to get a band going. When I get a band, I’m probably going to do all guitar work myself, play both rhythm and lead. I’ve been spending so much time on guitar, it’s all I’ve been doing lately.


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