Report: Alan Paul’s “Big In China” book to be made into a movie, possibly directed by Ivan Reitman???

Most people may have never heard of this man, but Alan Paul, is an American journalist who writes for different music magazines. He mostly writes for, Guitar World, magazine.

Alan Paul is a blues musician, who lived over in Beijing, China for a while. While there, he formed a blues band named, Woodie Alan. The band, Woodie Alan, become famous over in China. Alan Paul, wrote his experiences over there in a memoir, as you see in the pic above. The book is now out in stores everywhere I believe. Ivan Reitman’s “Montecito Pictures”, just acquired the rights to make the book into a major motion picture. The film could possibly be directed by, Ivan Reitman himself.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

This book sounds very interesting to me! I’ll be going to the mall tomorrow, and I’ll probably take a walk over to “Barnes & Noble’, and I’ll look for this book. I’m interested in reading it.

If you don’t know who Alan Paul is, watch the videos below. I think he’ll definitely become more well known once this film hits theaters.




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