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Book Review: “Big in China” by Alan Paul

So I finally bought the book, “Big In China” by Alan Paul, who is a journalist & musician. Alan Paul writes for the Wall Street Journal, Slam magazine (yes, the basketball magazine), and Guitar World. He is also a guitar player and jazz/blues musician.

This book is about Alan Paul who moves to Beijing, China because his wife was offered a job there and she accepted. While living in Beijing, China, they explore the country, trying to get used to a new place. Along the way, Alan ends up forming a blues band there with Chinese musicians called, Woodie Alan. The band Woodie Alan, became big & famous there. The band line up includes, Alan Paul, Woodie Wu, Dave Loevinger, Zhang Yong and Lu Wei. The story tells how the band was formed and how they get their popularity in China. Their anthem song that made them big is a song called, “Beijing Blues” which is a song that I absolutely love.

I read a lot of books, and I would have to say that, “Big In China” was the most inspiring book I’ve ever read. It’s really amazing, and well written. The story was incredible and I couldn’t put it down. There is music everywhere in this world and I never realized music was this big in China until I’ve read this book. I was never really into world music that much, but hearing the music of Woodie Alan, really moved me. It makes me want to get their CD soon.

I really hope Woodie Alan will become big in the “USA” too. They deserve recognition in the United States, and I think that band will get recognition here once Ivan Reitman makes that movie about them.

Back to the book, it’s not just about music. Alan teaches you about Chinese culture and what it’s like living over there. It certainly is different there. He explains how it’s different living in China than in the United States. Once you live in China, it’ll make you want to like living there more than the U.S.

To learn more about Alan Paul and Woodie Alan, check the band’s website, here.

Get the book, and be inspired. This is one of my favorite books I’ve ever read. I hope he keeps writing these stories and there will be sequels up ahead?


Beijing Blues studio track video

Report: Alan Paul’s “Big In China” book to be made into a movie, possibly directed by Ivan Reitman???

Most people may have never heard of this man, but Alan Paul, is an American journalist who writes for different music magazines. He mostly writes for, Guitar World, magazine.

Alan Paul is a blues musician, who lived over in Beijing, China for a while. While there, he formed a blues band named, Woodie Alan. The band, Woodie Alan, become famous over in China. Alan Paul, wrote his experiences over there in a memoir, as you see in the pic above. The book is now out in stores everywhere I believe. Ivan Reitman’s “Montecito Pictures”, just acquired the rights to make the book into a major motion picture. The film could possibly be directed by, Ivan Reitman himself.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

This book sounds very interesting to me! I’ll be going to the mall tomorrow, and I’ll probably take a walk over to “Barnes & Noble’, and I’ll look for this book. I’m interested in reading it.

If you don’t know who Alan Paul is, watch the videos below. I think he’ll definitely become more well known once this film hits theaters.