Dexter is my new obsession…

So I’m finally a proud subscriber to “Netflix”. I know everyone has “Netflix, these days, and I just finally got mine yesterday. What is the first thing that I started watching? The Showtime serial killer series, “Dexter”. This is the main reason why I wanted “Netlflix”, so I can catch up on “Dexter”. I’ve already seen 7 episodes of the first season and loving it to death so far. I’m sure the seasons will get better as I watch ’em.

I’m not sure if I can watch all 5 seasons on “Netflix”, I’ll look into it. If I can’t, that’s okay, I’m probably gonna start collecting the DVD box sets for “Dexter”.

“Dexter” is such an intense story, very intelligently written and good acting by Michael C. Hall. I’m already hooked to the show and I’m dying to see the rest of it. The reason I never saw “Dexter” before because I never had Showtime on my Time Warner Cable box. I’m going to have to get Showtime, because what if they start making new episodes for a Season 6? You never know.

I’m happy I got “Netflix”. I plan to watch other movies and other TV shows on there too. After I catch up on “Dexter”, I plan to check out the TV show “Lost” which I also never saw. Netflix is great.

Tonight, I plan to watch a movie on “Netflix”. Not sure what I’m going to watch yet, but I’ll decide something. Lot of good movies on there.


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