Report: Megan Ellison wins Terminator rights!!!

“The Terminator” franchise has finally found its owner. That new owner happens to be a woman named, Megan Ellison, who runs her film company, Annapurna Films. She successfully won the rights in a bidding auction with Lionsgate studios.

For a long time now, “The Terminator” franchise had trouble with copyright issues, most notably with Pacificor. Now “The Terminator” has finally found a new home. Megan Ellison has set a deal to make two “Terminator” movies that will star Arnold in the leading role and Justin Lin to direct. It was said that Justin Lin will direct the film, only if the script is good enough.

Deadline, reports.

This is sounding like a re-boot is happening for sure. Starting the “Terminator” franchise over again. I’m sure Linda Hamilton won’t return because she’ll be too old for the role, but if they can’t get her, they should get Lena Headey from the “Sarah Connor Chronicles” to play Sarah.

A lot of people are laughing at Arnold that he’s too old for the role of course, but everyone did the same to Sly when he was playing Rocky and Rambo for one last time. Sly was successful at playing Rocky and Rambo for one last time. If Sly can do it, I’m pretty sure Arnold is capable enough of playing the Terminator for a few more films. Arnold is not that old, he’s younger than Sly.


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