Thought: I don’t still get “True Blood’…

So the season premiere of “True Blood – Season 4” is on tonight. I try to watch some of the reruns on HBO, but every time I try, I switch the channel and can’t sit through one episode. My opinion on the show still stays the same. I don’t like it.

Yes, I love vampire stories. Love to read vampire books, watch vampire films, and TV shows, but not “True Blood”. I see it more as a softcore gay porn show and the storytelling isn’t good, in my opinion. Plus, I think the show is pretty overrated.

I always thought “Dark Shadows” was the best show on vampires, “Kolchak: The Night Stalker” was great too. It’s just that “True Blood” isn’t a good show. I wish the show would get canceled but I have this bad feeling that the show will run for a very long time. It’s going to last for several seasons or more, I’m sure.


3 thoughts on “Thought: I don’t still get “True Blood’…”

  1. I wouldn’t say it’s one of my favorite shows, but I do enjoy watching it.

    I do wonder why you say “softcore gay porn” when there has rarely been any gay sex depicted in the show. Yes, it has happened a few times, but the show is predominantly filled with heterosexual sex…most of it more graphic than I care for in my television shows.

    Now for off-topic. It looks like the comments box is turned off on your latest post about gay marriage. I just wanted to ask about this. “but there’s something strange about straight people getting excited about it.” Why is this strange? You seem to assume if they support it and claim they are straight that they are really just in the closet. That’s ridiculous. It’s about supporting equal rights, which is something that people of any sexual orientation should be able to support. My brother is 100% straight (in fact I know that better than I wish I did since I’m good friends with his girlfriend) but he supports gay marriage and I know plenty of other straight people who do as well.

    Being straight doesn’t choose what political views you have or support, just as being gay doesn’t.

    1. I closed the comments in that one post ’cause I was worried about anonymous people coming here to attack me, but thanks for responding in a polite way though, that’s what I want to see here! – Kev

      1. I always try to be polite, even when I don’t agree with people. So far the favor has been returned on my blog….usually.

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