Report: Arnold Schwarzenegger will start filming “The Last Stand” in September…

A while back, Arnold planned on filming his next movie, “Cry Macho”, where he would play a horse trainer, but instead, Arnold put his film career on hold for a while due to his heated divorce with his wife, Maria Shriver. Arnold was going to put his career on hold for a long time, but instead, he wants to get back to work asap. Arnold will next work on the Western film, “The Last Stand”. The reason he’s coming back this soon is because he wants to test to see if he still has his popularity due to his controversy with Mildred whom he impregnated while being married to Maria.

Deadline, reports.

I’m sure Arnie would have nothing to worry about. I’m sure a lot of people still love him. I wish he wouldn’t come back with Westerns or horse movies though. If he wants his respect back, he needs to get back to the genre where he truly belongs, and those are action movies.



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