Report: Two new castings announced for HBO’s “Game of Thrones – Season 2”, Stannis Baratheon and Melisandre are casted!!!

Two major castings have been announced for HBO’s “Game of Thrones – Season 2”. Actor Stephen Dillane is hired to play Stannis Baratheon and Carice Van Houten have been hired to play Melisandre. Two important characters of the next book, “Clash of Kings”.

More on it, here.

While the first season was really good, it’ll get even better. The first book and first season of the show was just an introduction to the series. It’ll start going in the second book.

I’m still currently reading the third book, “Storm of Swords”. I haven’t bought the new fifth book, “Dance with Dragons” yet. I have plans in buying the new book, but first I have to finish “Storm of Swords” the third book, and then I’ll have to read “Feast for Crows” the fourth book. You have to read these stories in order because they continue on one after another. If you don’t read them in order, you’ll get lost in the storylines, so don’t read the 5th book “Dance with Dragons” yet if you haven’t read the first four books. Seriously.


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