Book Review: “Storm of Swords” by George R. R. Martin

So I finished the book, “Storm of Swords” last week by George R. R. Martin and so far, I think this book is the best one of the “Song of Ice and Fire” series. This one is the most shocking with a lot of twists and turns. It’s also a very sad novel too.

Plot/Synopsis (with no spoilers): A Storm of Swords picks up the story where A Clash of Kings ended. The Seven Kingdoms is in the grip of the War of the Five Kings, with Robb Stark, Balon Greyjoy, Renly, Joffrey and Stannis Baratheon fighting to secure their crowns, although Renly Baratheon has already died. Stannis Baratheon’s attempt to take King’s Landing has been defeated by the new alliance between House Lannister (backing Joffrey) and House Tyrell, whilst House Martell has also pledged its support to the Lannisters. Meanwhile, a large host of wildlings is marching on the Wall under Mance Rayder, with only the tiny force of the Night’s Watch in its path, and in the distant east Daenerys Targaryen is on her way back to Pentos in the hope of raising forces to retake the Iron Throne.

The novel begins in the final months of 299 After the Landing and carries on into the year 300 AL.

This book was quite a thrill. The book is long, over 900 pages, but somehow I read it very quickly. That’s how great it is. The moment you start, you’ll never want to put the book down, believe me. I’m not going to give out spoilers, but the reason this book is very sad and emotional is because some of the major characters are killed off. I’m not going to say who. Just wait until you read the controversial “Red Wedding” chapter in the middle of the book that everyone is talking about. That chapter is so shocking, it’ll make your jaw drop open.When I finished the book, I just had to re-read the “Red Wedding” chapter again, trying to make sure if I read that chapter right.

In this book, you will not see the good guys win. You will see the most important characters make the stupidest mistakes. Each character has a mission that they want to achieve. One character wants to reunite with their long lost loved ones but you’ll know in this book, that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes story lines in the series do end with a happy ending, but not very much.

The stories continue with each character having their own separate storyline much like the earlier books. The characters continue their adventures. Each character and each adventure has different emotions. Some stories are enjoyable, happy, sad, and some will make you pissed off. The story lines will have excellent mysteries building and will keep you guessing ’til the very end.

I also love how magic and wizards have nothing to do with these books. Magic and wizards have always been a huge part of Medieval stories but not with George R.R. Martin. In the books, “magic” and “wizards” seem pretty fictional to the characters.

Queen Daenerys is more controlling and demanding in this book and Tyrion is more funnier than ever. Arya Stark continues her adventure to make her way back to Rivverun but of course, she meets new characters and other things happen to her.

George R.R. Martin is a masterful storyteller and a genius writer. I really love his writing style and beginning to like him more than Stephen King.

This book “Storm of Swords” is really gory and nasty. The way the gore is described, it’ll make your stomach turn. So if you have a weak stomach, this isn’t the book for you. It might want to make you put the book down and look away a bit at some parts. I’m usually never grossed out and disgusted at fictional stories, but this one pretty much did it to me.

Just wait until this book lands on HBO when they start making this book for TV. I’m currently reading the 4th book, “Feast for Crows”. I did buy the new 5th book, “Dance with Dragons” but I need to finish the 4th one first. I just hope George R.R. Martin keeps writing these novels. Sorry Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowling, but it looks like George R.R. Martin will take your spotlight.


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