Happy Birthday Jerry Garcia!!!

August is a special month for Deadheads. Why? Because August 1st is the day Jerry Garcia was born in the year 1942 and Jerry died several days later in 1995 of the same month! If Jerry was still alive, he would have been 69 right now. If Jerry was still alive, I’m pretty sure he would still be doing what he loved doing best. Playing with the Grateful Dead. If he was still around, I’m sure the Grateful Dead would still be together today, making albums and touring like they always did. Sometimes I wondered what it would be like if the Grateful Dead with Jerry fronting was still here today. I’m sure they wouldn’t lose their popularity.

I’m a pretty big Grateful Dead fan like all the others. Some people don’t see it, but yes, I’m a Deadhead. I’ve never seen the Grateful Dead in concert when Jerry was alive but I’ve wished I did. RIP Jerry. He maybe gone, but his legacy still lives on to this day!


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