Cool Photos: Jeff Bridges reunites with cast of “The Big Lebowski” last night in NYC!!!

Not only that Jeff Bridges celebrated the release of his debut solo album yesterday, he also reunited with the cast of “The Big Lebowski” last night in NYC. Everybody was there except for Joel and Ethan Coen who directed the film, they were no shows…but John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, John Turturro, and Julianne Moore were there. T. Bone Burnett was also there. While T. Bone Burnett didn’t score the music for the film, he produced the film’s soundtrack and picked the songs for the movie.

They were there to celebrate the release of the Limited Edition of “The Big Lebowski” Blu Ray/DVD which also came out yesterday.

Yesterday must be a thrilling and exciting day for Jeff Bridges. As you can see in the pics, Jeff is smiling really wide so he must of had that big smile all day. Congrats Jeff!

“The Big Lebowski” is one of my favorite comedy films by the way. I love the film too much. I plan to pick up Jeff Bridges new album tomorrow.

See the photos of the Big Lebowski reunion, here.

John Goodman is looking amazing. He’s definitely been working out and eating right ’cause every new pics that surface of John Goodman online, he seems to be getting thinner and thinner. So congrats go to John in his fitness success.



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