Report: Is Michael C. Hall, done with “Dexter”???

Even though the ratings for the premiere of “Dexter – Season 6” has gone up a little, it seems that MIchael C. Hall is no longer interested in the show and he may finally want to move on to other projects. Michael’s contract for the show expires after Season 6, and Showtime is trying to offer him a 20 million dollar deal for him to return for two more seasons, and Michael wants 24 million in order for him to re-sign the contract. Look like Showtime doesn’t want to pay that high so they gave up on him, ’cause the negotiations broke down.

Deadline, reports.

Well it does seem like Michael finally wants to quit since he’s been signing himself to other projects lately, like the “Big Fish” Broadway musical for example.

Michael’s a talented actor, so he deserves to move on to other things. I would like to see Michael on big motion pictures for the big screen someday, and I’m sure he’ll be on his way there soon.

If he does decide to leave Dexter for good, it would be interesting to see how he’s going to be written off the show. Will he finally get caught and arrested? Or will they kill Dexter off before he is caught?

They might even replace someone else to play Dexter, but the show might lose it’s popularity if they replace someone else though. I can’t see no one else playing Dexter other than Michael himself. He’s the only actor that can play that character. I would give up watching the show if he is replaced.


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