Netflix changes their mind on “Qwikster” and separating streaming/DVD rentals…

The big news today is, that Netflix has announced that they are not doing the separate “Qwikster” company, that they had planned on doing. They are also not separating the Netflix streaming and DVD/Rentals, still keeping both of them in one site. Which is good ’cause I’ll admit it, I didn’t like the idea of separating them.

Even though they are not dropping the prices back to where it was, I’m glad they are not doing the Qwikster thing.

Hopefully they’ll still add a video game rental section like they promised. The price raise isn’t a big deal to me, I didn’t like the separation idea.

I love Netflix for a lot of reasons. 1) I like to catch up with all the TV shows I’ve never seen before in the past. For example, I watched all of “Lost” on Netflix, and I’m currently on “24” Season 3. There are other TV shows I want to watch on there too like “Mad Men”, “Heroes”, “Sons of Anarchy”, etc. 2) Netflix has a lot of indy films and documentaries where you can’t watch anywhere else 3) Netflix is like my home video store, I do their DVD rental thing so I can catch up with all the new releases.

Speaking of Netflix DVD rentals, I watched “Where the Wild Things Are”, the live action version of the children’s book. It was an okay movie, nothing all that special. I wanted to see the movie ’cause I loved the book as a child. The movie didn’t follow the book at all, so I didn’t care for it that much. I didn’t bother reviewing it.


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