Report: Marvel hires their very first female director to helm the “Thor” sequel…

Now this is interesting! Marvel studios have been making movies based on their comics for years and they’ve never had a female director. Well, they finally hired one. Patty Jenkins will be the one helming the “Thor” sequel. She was the one who brought us the movie, “Monster”, starring Charlize Theron and Chrstina Ricci.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

The first “Thor” movie was great, and I’m not much of a Marvel fan either. Hopefully she does a good job with the sequel. Maybe Patty is a huge Thor fan herself, so she might know her stuff from the comics. I’m sure this will bother some people that a female director is in charge of the sequel, but I’m sure she’ll do the film justice. Women could probably make a Thor movie better than men can. I think the “Thor” character has been mostly aimed at women audiences. The “Thor” character has always been popular with women for years.


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