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Report: Tom Hiddleston confirms Loki will NOT be in “Avengers 2” but WILL be in “Thor 2″…

Rumors been going strong for a long while now that Loki is not going to be in the sequel for “The Avengers” but Tom Hiddleston the man who plays Loki just confirmed he’s not going to be in it. Why is Loki not going to be in the “Avengers 2”? Well, Tom says they can’t think of anything else they can do with the character and they want to give other villains a chance which makes a lot of sense.

Tom Hiddleston has grown a large fanbase since the first “Avengers” movie but his fanbase is mostly women. Apparently, young women have the hots for this character and they were dying for their Loki to be in the “Avengers 2”. I find it pretty odd that people would go crazy over Loki for “The Avengers” when he was already in the first “Thor” movie. Loki is a pretty cool villain and Mr. Hiddleston is a good actor. While it may be disappointing that he won’t be in the “Avengers 2”, Tom says Loki won’t be going away anytime soon ’cause he’s still going to be in “Thor 2”. So if you ladies out there need your Loki fix, “Thor 2” is the way to go.

More on the story, here.

You gotta love Tom’s response about Loki not being in the Avengers movie. He sounded so down to earth and humble about it, too! In his response, you can tell he was very careful not to upset fans and tries to get people excited for “Thor 2” instead. Most actors are very rude when they respond about not reprising their roles but Tom was pretty cool about it. He seems like a pretty cool dude!

Maybe Loki can even get his own spin-off movie someday? I wouldn’t be surprised if he does get one! Tom is extremely popular because of the Avengers movie. In fact, I never even heard of this actor myself until he landed the role for the first “Thor” film. Loki is a pretty likeable villain.

In the photo above is Tom Hiddleston in full Loki costume at San Diego Comic Con that happened earlier this summer.


Report: Marvel hires their very first female director to helm the “Thor” sequel…

Now this is interesting! Marvel studios have been making movies based on their comics for years and they’ve never had a female director. Well, they finally hired one. Patty Jenkins will be the one helming the “Thor” sequel. She was the one who brought us the movie, “Monster”, starring Charlize Theron and Chrstina Ricci.

The Hollywood Reporter, reports.

The first “Thor” movie was great, and I’m not much of a Marvel fan either. Hopefully she does a good job with the sequel. Maybe Patty is a huge Thor fan herself, so she might know her stuff from the comics. I’m sure this will bother some people that a female director is in charge of the sequel, but I’m sure she’ll do the film justice. Women could probably make a Thor movie better than men can. I think the “Thor” character has been mostly aimed at women audiences. The “Thor” character has always been popular with women for years.


Film Review: Thor

Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins

Directed by: Kenneth Branagh

Well today, I decided to go to the movies for something to do. Get out of the house for the day. I’ve been wanting to see the new “Thor” movie for a long time. Now it’s finally here, I went and saw it. Here is my review.

Plot/Synopsis: In 965 A.D., King Odin (Hopkins) sends his warrior son, Thor, from Asgard to Earth, in our present time, forcing him to live with humans. Of course, when Thor first arrived in Earth in our present time, he had a lot to learn and didn’t understand Earth. So Natalie Portman’s character, Jane Foster, tries to guide him living on Earth. She becomes a love interest for Thor. One of the most dangerous villains from Thor’s home land of Asgard, comes to invade Earth to try and kill Thor. Thor tries to save Earth from his enemies.

As a kid, I used to love reading Thor comics, so I was already a big fan of the character. I was a little worried that this film might suck since most Marvel movies aren’t that good, but, I was actually very impressed with Marvel’s “Thor”. This film actually told a superhero story, the right way. It stayed true to the comics.

The casting was really great and the acting was not that bad. I thought Chris Hemsworth as Thor, was a very good choice. Anthony Hopkins has been my favorite actor for years. Anthony always pulls off really good acting chops no matter what role he does, that guy can do anything.

I hate 3D movies. Most 3D movies are pretty bad, but I thought a 3D, “Thor” was very fitting. The 3D effects were very cool on Thor and that’s what the character needed to be cool. The special effects and the CGI made it feel like you were watching a movie, and not a cartoon. The special effects in the film was crazy.

There is something for everyone in this film. Action, suspense, comedy, romance, etc. It’s all there. I think this is the best Marvel superhero movie out of them all. They did a great job with “Thor”. I am so looking forward to the sequel already! I would go see this flick in theater again!

Score for “Thor” = **** (4 stars as in “excellent”)


Report: Rene Russo will play Thor’s mom…

Rene Russo has been on a hiatus from acting. She will make her Hollywood return in the Marvel film, “Thor”, which she is set to play Thor’s mom. She will star alongside Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Natalie Portman. How about this for a cast shocker? According to IMDB, Rene Russo hasn’t had an acting role since 2005.

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BREAKING NEWS: Anthony Hopkins joins “Thor”…

Who knew that Anthony Hopkins is a fan of comic books? Apparently he is, since he just joined the cast of, “Thor”. Anthony will be playing the King of Asgard. Chris Hemsworth is playing Thor and Natalie Portman will be playing Thor’s love interest, Jane Foster.

Variety Reports:


Anthony Hopkins is one of my favorite actors. He’s been in so many fantastic flicks besides the Silence of the Lambs trilogy.

Some of my other favorite films he’s been in: “The Elephant Man”, “Meet Joe Black”, “Titus”, and Stephen King’s “Hearts In Atlantis”.

He’s a really good actor.